11 Of The Most Secluded Beaches In The U.S

4. Enderts Beach, California

Enderts Beach is one of the secluded beaches in the U.S. with a coastline that is overshadowed by the California’s Redwoods National park made up of 2000 years old redwoods, growing to a height of about 35 stories. The secluded beaches are separated by swaths of marsh and sand from the lush forest making them one of the most secluded beaches in the U.S. The sunbathers and beachcombers come here to camp at The Nickel creek Campground and spend some peaceful time on the sand surrounded by nature and enjoying the sound in the land of giants.

The beach is about 500 feet above sea level with a cool breeze. While here, you can enjoy the view of the pacific and you are sometimes rewarded with a one of a kind show of migrating whales in the month of March and April. Enderts Beach is a good spot for a family get way. They is also a ranger guided pool walk where your kids can enjoy themselves as you relax at your favorite secluded spot.

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