3 Tips For Building Your Credit

3. Put Your Credit Health On Cruise Control.

Consistency is the key to building healthy credit history, so automate your finances to act on your behalf. Quit paying bills manually. Consider switching your bills to auto-pay. You’re less likely to miss a payment due date if funds are automatically withdrawn from your account to pay off your balance each month. Just remember: Systems break down and card numbers expire. It’s important to check in on everything once a month to make sure you’re on track and can make adjustments as needed. Stay alert. Get text or e-mail alerts from your credit card issuer when payments are due, when payments are made and when you’re reaching your credit limit. Be methodical about paying off debt. Whether you’re a college student struggling with loans or a shopaholic who refuses to read your credit card statements, paying off debt takes commitment. If you’re serious about paying down your debt, it’s important to first take stock of your finances, figure out how much you owe and develop a plan for making payments each month to get yourself back on track.

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