8 Warning Signs You Could Be Having A Stroke

You might also have a hard time with swallowing, experience serious headaches, have a hard time understanding, and experience mental confusion or experience rapid or what’s called involuntary eye movement.

We know that the above list might be a lot for some people to remember. So what we’ve done is put together an even simpler way to recognize the warning signs of a stroke.

Go by the rule of “FAST”. Each letter stands for something and it’s very easy to remember. The F means “Face Drooping”. The A means “Arm Weakness”. The S means “slurred Speech”. And the T means “Time To Call 911”. The last letter applies if you experience one or more of the first three letters.

The ability to get immediate help can save you from a severe stroke or severe damage as a result. If you don’t recognize the signs, then you might be risking your life. Not just paralysis on one side of your body. Immediate help has not only saved people from severe consequences, but enabled them to make full recoveries after they had a stroke. Don’t take any chances if you even think you’re experiencing any of the signs represented in the “FAS” sequence we gave you.

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