5 Tax Deductions That Will Disappear In 2019

Take advantage of these beneficial tax breaks before the new tax plan could make them extinct. When you file your taxes next year you won't be able to deduct expenses from relocating for a new job. … [Read more...]

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5 Credit Cards For Bad Credit Borrowers In 2019

Once you’ve determined how your credit score looks, it’s smart to research credit cards for low credit applicants and other options for consumers with low credit scores. If you’re ready to rebuild … [Read more...]

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6 Free Online Investment Calculators

These free online investment calculators rival the tools financial advisors use. Financial advisors have access to the best investment calculators. Their financial planning software and programs lay … [Read more...]

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6 Things You Should Know Before Applying For A Credit Card

It can be difficult to get approved if you’re applying for a credit card for the first time. Without a credit card, simple tasks such as renting a car or reserving a hotel room become more … [Read more...]

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11 Most Wonderfully Strange Photos Of 2018

Here are some of the strangest but yet amazing photos for 2018. Some are funny, other not so much, however all are thought provoking. Hope you like the list. 1. U.K. Float A float featuring … [Read more...]

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5 Best Places To Retire In 2019

Retirees have an opportunity to relocate to a place that better suits their interests and budget. The challenge is finding a place that will meet all of your retirement needs. Here’s a look at the … [Read more...]

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5 Universities Where Most Alumni Donate

On average, nearly half of alumni donated to these schools in the last two academic years, U.S. News data show. Alumni donated more than $11 billion to their alma maters in 2017, according to an … [Read more...]

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5 Questions About Net Worth

Learn how to calculate your worth – and why it matters. The term "net worth," put simply, is the total value of your assets after you remove any liabilities. Maybe you associate net worth with the … [Read more...]

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7 Simple Ways To Manage Your Credit Cards

Follow these simple tips on how to use a credit card and manage your expenses more efficiently. These simple ways will allow you to remain debt free. 1. Be Careful When Opening Cards Only … [Read more...]

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5 Facts About Alcohol That Aren’t True

This list sets out to discredit a few alcohol myths that have been bothering society since people starting to drink alcohol. #1 Drinking Coffee Will Sober You Up Drinking coffee won't make … [Read more...]

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