5 Rare Old Medicines That Had Horrific Side Effects

Medicine has come a long way from the “good old days” of garlic-filled masks and astringent herbal teas. Even in relatively recent times, drugs have been used which have horrific effects on the human … [Read more...]

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7 Things You Use Every Day That Contain Palm Oil

The seemingly inescapable ingredient is responsible for deforestation and wildlife endangerment. People don’t usually think about the destruction of rainforests while washing their hands, applying … [Read more...]

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7 Home Remedies For Natural Colon Cleanse

The colon is the tail end of your large intestine, and it works to pull excess water from food waste and prepare your body for a bowel movement. No question about it, your colon does a big, dirty job. … [Read more...]

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Top 9 Causes of Death In America

#1 Suicide The amount of Americans who died of suicide accounted for 1.7 percent of the country's more than 2.8 million registered deaths in 2017 – up from its share of 1.6 percent in … [Read more...]

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6 Easy Ways To Calm Down And Relax

1. Listen to music that makes you happy. If you don't normally listen to upbeat music, ask friends for their suggestions or find a happy-go-lucky, pump-up playlist on a streaming service and … [Read more...]

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4 Revolutionary Skin Care Products That Work

1. Witch Hazel Witch Hazel that is alcohol-free has been proven to improve practically every skin issue, from acne to dry skin, including redness and unevenness. … [Read more...]

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5 Reasons Your Mattress Is Damaging Your Health

#1 Old Mattress Loses Shape & Causes Pain An old mattress starts to lose its shape, it becomes lumpy and saggy. It loses firmness and foundation that is supposed to keep you supported. When … [Read more...]

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7 Foods You Should Never Freeze

1. Spices Your freezer is not the place to store seasonings. In items like pepper, garlic and clove the flavor can change when frozen, so a cool, dry cabinet is the ideal storage spot. … [Read more...]

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6 Forms Of Meditation To Help You Relax

There are so many different types of meditation. How many? Who knows, but enough so that you can find the one that's right for you. To get your search started, here are six types of meditation you can … [Read more...]

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5 Best Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

#1 Don’t Skip Breakfast The morning meal jump starts your metabolism and helps to prevent bingeing later in the day. A cup of coffee does not count – the caffeine and added sugar may give you … [Read more...]

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