9 Franchise Businesses You Can Start For Under $50k

Do you want to start a business? You’re not the only one. Starting a business is one of the best ways to ensure you can get away from being dependent on a job, where you’re at the mercy of a boss. … [Read more...]

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4 Steps To A Secured Retirement

1. Be intentional. Take time to articulate what you hope to experience in the next phase of your life. Whether you envision your future to include starting your own business, moving to a new … [Read more...]

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6 Easy To Do Jobs For Anyone Looking For Extra Cash

Retired and looking to earn some cash with not-so-hectic jobs? Here’s a list of 6 easy job picks for you: #1: Be a Crossing Guard Most schools require a crossing guard to administer children … [Read more...]

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6 Cities With The Highest Salaries For Expats

Living away from home for years, not being able to see your friends too often starting a new life in a different city can be quite tough. Although I bet the large amount of money they earn probably … [Read more...]

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5 Ways To Save Money On High-Quality Beauty Products

Women spend an average of nearly $3,000 a year to keep their faces looking good, in the U.S. That's very expensive paint that we're wearing only for a short time until our next shower while trying to … [Read more...]

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6 Tips For Young Families To Build Wealth

Time moves quickly, and retirement will be here before you know it. Perhaps talking about money with your partner has felt a little taboo since the term "gold digger" was coined, but it's healthier … [Read more...]

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5 Products And Services That Waste Money

It's a good time to re-evaluate what you're spending money on and give your budget an overhaul now rather than later. After all, if you're throwing away your income, why delay in doing something about … [Read more...]

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5 Credit Cards For Bad Credit Borrowers In 2019

Once you’ve determined how your credit score looks, it’s smart to research credit cards for low credit applicants and other options for consumers with low credit scores. If you’re ready to rebuild … [Read more...]

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6 Free Online Investment Calculators

These free online investment calculators rival the tools financial advisors use. Financial advisors have access to the best investment calculators. Their financial planning software and programs lay … [Read more...]

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6 Things You Should Know Before Applying For A Credit Card

It can be difficult to get approved if you’re applying for a credit card for the first time. Without a credit card, simple tasks such as renting a car or reserving a hotel room become more … [Read more...]

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