8 Destinations That Are Now On The US Travel Blacklist

Do you like a little danger when you travel? Do you like the idea or taking risks due to the superior experience they can provide? Well here’s the thing, when you travel there’s a difference between … [Read more...]

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About William Barr

The attorney general nominee has a long history at the Department of Justice. 1. Donald Trump’s attorney general pick William Barr was born on May 23, 1950 in New York City, where his parents … [Read more...]

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5 Economic Indicators To Understand

Keeping an eye on important indicators will give you a reliable insight into the state of the economy. If you want understand the overall health of the economy, pay attention to key financial market … [Read more...]

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6 Common Things That Were Once Banned

Some things that we take for granted today used to be illegal. They were banned, even though they were pretty much harmless. Often, those responsible for these laws had motives other than the stated … [Read more...]

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6 Of The Craziest Presidentical Conspiracy Theories

#1 George W. Bush And 9/11 The conspiracy surrounding this event is that the Bush administration had something to do with it. The theory states that US Government wanted to create a situation … [Read more...]

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