5 Best Ways To Close Foreclosure Deals

1. Understand How the Banks Negotiate - Trying to buy a foreclosure without understanding how it works is a bad idea, and you will need the proper people in place to do the work for you. I … [Read more...]

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8 Unbelievably Expensive Abandoned Mansions

Some of the world's priciest properties have been forsaken by their owners, including royal residences, grand country houses and luxurious ranches. Take a look at eight of the most fabulous forgone … [Read more...]

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5 Checklist Points For Home Inspections

Learn what to expect from an inspection and tips to make sure your inspector doesn't overlook defects. Keeping your home clean and free of clutter will ensure the inspector can easily access all … [Read more...]

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5 Richest Counties In The U.S.A

#5 Arlington County, Virginia Median HHI: $112,138 Population: 229,534 … [Read more...]

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7 Reasons Why Buying a House is Cheaper Than Renting.

If you are looking forward to buy a house, you most probably have listened to your coworkers, friends and family; may be many of them are encouraging you to go head and many are advising to stop here. … [Read more...]

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