The Top 10 Best Cities Of The World

1. Edinburgh

This City is a world-class, award winning, tourist destination which is full of sandy beaches, culture, and stunning skylines. The city center which lies between two extinct volcanoes is a World Heritage Site. The Prince Street Gardens runs through the Edinburg which divides the city into the Old and New Town parts. On the southern side is the royal Mile, which has bagpipe players, churches, shops selling kilts, and at the end is Edinburgh Castle.
You can walk through the streets of the Port of Leith, go to several restaurants and bars. Or, take a trip on the River Forth and practice the rugged terrain of the volcanic Arthur’s Seat. The city made the top 10 best cities in the world, because it has more leisure services and facilities every single person of population than any other regional city in England, Scotland, or Wales. There’re things such as shops, theatres, beaches, monuments, restaurants, galleries and museums, and countryside which the city is famous for. A great memorable and lovely city to visit.

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