The Top 10 Best Cities Of The World

7. Rome

A very historic city Rome, which is one of the most visited cities on globe. If you are in Rome, do not forget to visit the famous National Pasta Museum and fulfill your hunger. Some other places which are well known and you’ll want to visit are The Rostrum, where the famous speech “Friends, Romans, countrymen” made by Mark Anthony, The Parthenon, The Museum of Souls in Purgatory, The Dario Argento’s Horror Museum, The Colosseum, The International Museum of Film and Entertainment and The famous Trevi Fountain. You’ll desire to allow plenty of time to visit all of these amazing and attractive historic landmarks. A few more places which should not be missed are The Basilca, which contains the Isola Tiberin and the tomb of the original Pope, St Peter, which is the smallest inhabited island in the world and is in the middle of the Tiber River. With all of these eye catching and breath-taking attractions, the city surely belongs in the list of top 10 best city of the world.

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