The Top 10 Best Cities Of The World

3. Tokyo

Tokyo is a city which is very deserving of its place on the top 10 best cities in the world. It is a very clean city, and one of the first thought that will occur to you is how efficiently and perfectly they use public transport. Beware although, they don’t speak much English, so being able to read or speak just a bit of the language would be a great advantage.
While there the city also has many places you will want to see. These include the Edo-Tokyo Museum, the Wax Museum which is indeed very good one for the kids, the National Gardens, a Sumo wrestling match at the Kokugikan arena, the Sensoji Temple, the Imperial Palace, the Meiji Shrine, Kabuki Theater, the Orient Express and of course the Ginza – which means silver mint. Do not forget to visit the Tokyo Disneyland, before exploring the exciting streets lined with great shops and remarkable restaurants all competing for your business.

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