10 Harmful Items In Your Home You Should Discard Now

A lot of people love to shop. When they see something that seems interesting, they just add it to their cart without thinking twice. Little did they know that some of those items that they bring home are actually a threat. With this in mind, you might want to go through the stuff that you have in your household.

For you to know which is which, below are the 10 harmful items in your home you should discard now:
1. Plastic Food Containers

Have you ever wondered why those plastic food containers turn cloudy after running them in the dishwasher or putting them in the microwave a few times? That is because when plastic is exposed to heat, they tend to break down. And this is the time when they start to unleash those toxic chemicals that they are made up of. You wouldn’t want those to get mixed with your food, so you better throw them away right now.

2. Non-Stick Cookware

While it is nice to make pancakes on a non-stick pan, you should be aware that the joy that it is giving you can, later on, turn into a nightmare. That thin lining that is preventing the food to stick to the pan, is really dangerous when put under too much heat. It could cause cancer, which is a dreaded disease.

3. Flea and Tick Products

Sure, you don’t want your pet to have fleas and ticks that’s why you continue to buy tons of products that get rid of those. But did you know that those items contain pesticides that can cause damages to your nerves?

4. Mothballs

Those little white balls that you put in your closets to drive pests away and keep them from getting into your precious belongings…They might sound very useful, but the truth is, they contain naphthalene that can seriously damage your red blood cells.

5. Oven Cleaners

Most homeowners are fond of buying just about any product that can help them keep their homes clean. You probably have that oven cleaner too. While it is true that it is quite helpful in getting rid of those blemishes and unwanted odors in your oven, inhaling them could adversely affect your respiratory system.

6. Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This type of toilet bowl cleaner is quite effective in eliminating those stubborn stains in your bathroom as well as in the toilet bowl. But once they touch your skin, this could cause burn and irreversible damages.

7. Air Fresheners

These products that give that fruity or floral aroma to your home may be appealing, but not when they get into your bloodstream. These products contain chemicals that can give you various reproductive issues.

8. Bleach

We all know how hazardous bleach is. Even a little amount that gets in contact with your skin can lead to irritation. But the danger does not end there. According to studies, it increases the risks of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as well as other internal problems.

9. Old Paint

Have you looked at your basement lately? If you live in a house that was built in the 1970s and there are some old paints stored somewhere inside your home, throw them immediately. Those old products contain lead that can cause a wide range of life-threatening illnesses.

10. Furniture Polish

Spraying a little bit of furniture polish to your wooden table or chairs can make them shine like brand new, but utilizing it could also have adverse effects on your health. And besides, it could cause poisoning when ingested.