5 Strange Syndromes That Only Affect Animals

There are lots of ailments that affect humans. But what about animals? As it turns out, they have their own afflictions, too, and they can be just as strange, or downright ridiculous, as anything that strikes us. For example, the syndrome that causes hedgehogs to blow up like beach balls or the condition that makes dogs’ tails limp, and it will become immediately apparent that humans don’t have a monopoly on bizarre medical issues.

1. Balloon Syndrome.

Balloon syndrome is what happens when a hedgehog becomes so puffed up that it resembles a beach ball. Scientists do not totally understand the condition, although they know it is caused when air gets trapped under the hedgehog’s skin. They suspect balloon syndrome happens when hedgehogs suffer lung injuries. The lungs get punctured, sending air under the skin as the hedgehog breathes.