10 Hottest Rising Careers For 2019

There are several rising jobs you might want to look into for 2019, but they aren’t going to be the ones you typically think of, see the list below.

Careers related to AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Ai is on the rise and seems to be taking over various spheres of life where people once ran things.

• Careers having to do with robotics

Robotics are advancing and will require highly skilled people to program them, repair them and build them for various purposes.

• Careers dealing in reputation management

These are jobs where the primary focus is going to be on controlling damaging content over the internet and through other means for various companies and private individuals.

• Web traffic specialist

These are professionals that use SEO, social media, sites such as YouTube and other online mediums to generate traffic for different business as well as a following.

• Smartphone Repair specialists

So many people have smartphones, but few people have the skills to repair them. Being trained in this field gives you endless options to either work for a company or even go into business for yourself.

• Gig Jobs

We’re taking about Uber Drivers, Lyft Drivers, Food delivery drivers, and many other services that are needed. In order to earn a respectable income you’d have to be fully committed though.

• Careers in pharmaceutical

People who need prescriptions medications are on the rise and anyone who is willing to get trained in some aspect of this industry will have no problem finding work in 2019 and beyond.

• Skilled trade careers

The skilled trades need people now more than ever, because so few people are trained in these jobs and the people who have these jobs currently are aging out. The pay is better than ever and demand is on the rise.

• Careers in personal fitness

Even people who typically don’t think about fitness are becoming more fitness conscious. Access to health gyms is cheaper than ever. If you become a personal trainer, then you’ll have lots of options to earn a stable living.

• Careers in cyber security

As computer access grows and more and more people are plugged in, cyber security becomes more crucial. Cyber security skills are going to provide you with access to careers that have high demand for individuals with the training and drive to excel in this field.