6 Best Sites To Find Jobs And Internships

These days, there are a lot of recruitment websites to choose from, but not all of them are worthwhile. The finest job sites should make it easy to try to find new employment, regardless of industry or region, and the greatest sites also provide useful features that make your job search easier.

When you’re looking for a new job, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re utilizing a high-quality employment site. There are numerous opportunities in the United States, but you won’t be able to locate them, filter them, or apply if you don’t have a reliable technique to find them, filter them, and apply.

Any effective job board should provide global, state, and local job openings, as well as the ability to filter job openings by a variety of factors such as industry, pay, hours, and the kind of perks you may anticipate.

It’s straightforward to locate recruiting sites, but it’s just as easy to use one that isn’t up to the task. If you want to prevent this and stick to proven, effective sites, keep reading – we’ve compiled a list of the greatest free job boards and top recruiting websites from across the world.


Indeed is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known recruiting platforms in the world. It’s been operating since 2004, and it has over 250 million members. It has one of the largest databases of job ads online.

Indeed’s massive database means it covers more sectors and occupations than nearly any other site, and no matter your level of expertise, you can locate full-time, part-time, remote, and contract employment.

Indeed is a free job search engine where you can post your CV for a quick assessment and avoid common job-seeking errors. You may set up personalized job notifications and set your profile to indicate if you’re ready to start working right away. Indeed also allows you to submit a job for free.

Indeed has a surprising number of tools, including hundreds of talent evaluations and a salary comparison tool, so you can show off your capabilities and figure out just how much you should be making. There’s also a section dedicated to corporate reviews, which includes feedback from actual employees. Indeed also offers an app, so you can keep looking for work even while you’re not at your computer.

It’s a great combination of features, and the website is simple to navigate. The job-searching area is designed to seem like a search engine, so simply type in your job title, keywords, or business name to view a slew of relevant results. The results may be filtered by geography, salary, skills, and experience. Those filtering features compare favorably to those offered by all other major websites.

Indeed isn’t a fancy or ground-breaking website, but that’s beside the point. Few other sites have as many job ads as Indeed, and it offers a large database in addition to good mainstream features and a clean, user-friendly design.


Monster has been active since 1999 and is one of the most popular employment sites on the internet, with millions of job postings. There is employment for everyone here, from entry-level to senior roles, in all of the major industries. Monster also features a lot of blue-collar job openings — it’s not exclusively for white-collar jobs.

The site serves as a massive employment search engine, allowing you to quickly uncover a large number of opportunities. You can also use Monster to sign up for personalized job notifications. The site includes a wage comparison tool as well as a large career guidance center with articles on a variety of topics. You may even hide your profile from certain organizations, so your present boss won’t know you’re looking for work.

However, even compared to the finest free job forums, Monster is a little simple. You just have a few filtering choices, so you’ll need to have a good notion of what you’re looking for before you start searching. It also means you won’t be able to filter results by salary and experience level.

There are a lot of spam job advertisements on the site, and most job listings aren’t very detailed — you’ll get a job description and some basic corporate information, but that’s generally it. You can add your employment and academic background to your user profile, as well as upload a CV document, but your profile choices are limited beyond that.

Monster is, at the very least, free to use and simple to understand. If you want to employ the firm’s resume and cover letter writing services, you’ll have to pay extra.

Monster doesn’t have a lot of features, but it does offer a large database of job openings in a variety of sectors, and it’s simple to use. It lacks refinement and intricacy, but its sheer immensity makes it worthwhile to use.


When it comes to professional websites, LinkedIn is the most well-known, and it’s more than just a job board – it’s also a social network and an educational resource.

LinkedIn has the largest user base of any career website, with over three-quarters of a billion individuals already using it. That makes it excellent for networking and making new professional relationships, as well as posting job openings. It’s really useful during a job search: you can discover who works at any potential new firm, see if you have any connections there, and explore your future workplace.

When you get away from the Facebook-style social stream, you’ll discover a strong collection of job-search tools. LinkedIn has a large number of job openings, and you can filter them by a variety of factors, including contract type and location, as well as industry, experience level, and income. Most other job search websites don’t have as many filters like this one.

Job postings will show you if you have any current contacts at each organization, as well as how many individuals have applied for each job. Easy Apply, a feature of LinkedIn that allows you to apply for jobs with a single click, is also popular.

Your LinkedIn profile doubles as a résumé, making it simple to apply for jobs and allowing potential employers to swiftly assess your qualifications. There are also organizations and activities on the site, as well as a lot of evaluation exams, a resume generator, and interview preparation support.

LinkedIn is free to use, but a free account only gives you access to a limited range of services. For a simple job search, that’s fine. Even yet, if you pay $29.99 a month for LinkedIn Premium Career, you’ll get a lot more information on job posts, more salary data, more information on other applicants, and the option to become a Featured Applicant with a boosted listing.

LinkedIn is one of the top professional websites in the world, and it’s a good place to start if you’re looking for a new job or just want to network. The premium edition, however, is well worth the extra cost if you’re serious about your quest.


Glassdoor is known for hosting anonymous company evaluations and a large database of wage information, which makes it an ideal recruitment website since you can obtain upfront, honest information about which firms are worth your time.

Because of its popularity, Glassdoor now has over one million firms listed on its site, with over seventy million evaluations to read. You’ll also come across more than nine million job vacancies on a regular basis.

Those job postings provide a lot of information. You’ll find detailed business evaluations that cover compensation, culture, career advancement, and work/life balance, all based on real-life experiences. You can look into a company’s size, industry, and age, as well as read individual reviews and discover if it’s on Glassdoor’s annual best employer lists.

You may sift through job ads based on incomes, ratings, regions, and sectors, and you can pick organizations of various sizes or those that prefer remote work.

There are some nice qualities on the other hand. Glassdoor features a pay calculator and a module to examine job offers for financial fairness, and some employers disclose additional information about their interview process. Employers may discover if you’ve mentioned any preferred businesses or working circumstances by adding your resume to your profile.

Glassdoor contains a wealth of information and is a wonderful way to gain a sense of a company’s culture before applying for a job — for that reason alone, we recommend that everyone use it in their job search. However, keep in mind that it’s a busy website with a user interface that isn’t the clearest or simplest to use, so new users will need some time to get used to this data-driven experience.


Getwork was once known as LinkUp, but nothing has changed below the hood: this new job platform is still designed for speed. It searches the internet for fresh job openings and seeks to post them within an hour.

That’s remarkable enough, but Getwork also checks all of the businesses it lists, ensuring that the site is free of duplicate or spam job postings. When you combine that with its incredible speed, you’ve got a site that will allow you to apply for jobs ahead of many competitors.

Getwork’s patented technology collects job postings from over ten thousand different websites, giving you a lot of options. The site is also easy to use, with a clean layout that presents the information well. It’s completely free, but we encourage creating an account so you can bookmark job postings and set up tailored notifications.

Although the emphasis on speed and verification is commendable, Getwork isn’t exactly bursting at the seams with features. You won’t find quizzes or articles on this site, and the filtering choices are limited. You also won’t be able to apply for employment on this site; you’ll have to go to a third-party site to do so. In all of these cases, the top free job sites are superior.

Getwork is honest about its aims, and its quickness and verification make it worthwhile to use, especially if you need to get a job quickly.


ZipRecruiter is one of the most user-friendly job boards, making it excellent for those just starting out in the workforce or who aren’t especially comfortable with computers. The simple method is combined with a large employment database.

This site functions similarly to a job search engine, so it’s immediately recognizable. It also doesn’t overwhelm you with options: simply type in your keyword, location, and the distance you’re willing to go, and you’ll be presented with a selection of suitable jobs.

The results are simple to understand: you’ll see the job title, employer, and location beside the first line of the job description, and you can view the complete description by clicking on a probable lead. Some firms employ ZipRecruiter’s Quick Apply tool, which allows you to submit your application in only a few clicks, while others direct you to a third-party site where you may apply.

ZipRecruiter features a comprehensive profile area where you can simply show your career and education background, a biography, and an image, as well as upload your CV and list your social media accounts – all of which are utilized throughout your job applications. You can also provide professional certificates and expertise. ZipRecruiter also offers an app, so your job search doesn’t have to come to a halt.

This website is simple, however, it isn’t the most extensive employment resource. You can’t narrow your searches as you can on other sites, and the job ads aren’t that detailed. Because ZipRecruiter pulls listings from other sites, be on the lookout for duplicates and spam. On this site, you won’t find any talent evaluations, resume critiques, or publications.

ZipRecruiter is simple to use, especially if employers utilize Quick Apply, and it offers a vast job database with strong profiling. However, because of the absence of filtering, it’s only useful if you know exactly what you’re searching for or are willing to comb through a lot of listings, and because of the lack of features, we wouldn’t rely on it completely.

Final Thoughts

The most prominent and efficient job portals in the United States are mentioned below. Many of them are free to use and don’t ask for any information from job searchers, making them excellent if you need to start looking for work.

Keep in mind, however, that paying for further access or visiting a certain website does not guarantee that you will get hired. It will have no effect on how recruiters evaluate your qualifications based on your abilities and expertise.

If you need fresh work, a job website is still a good choice — the finest recruitment websites offer large databases of vacant openings and make it simple to search with accuracy. Additional services, such as resume assessments and skills quizzes, are available on many sites, and you should be able to utilize the finest job sites regardless of your field or degree of expertise.

However, doing your homework before diving into the world of job boards is critical, and doing so takes time and effort – which is why we’ve done it for you. We’ve tried them out and analyzed their benefits and drawbacks so you can get back to work even faster.