10 Signs Of Dementia Everyone Should Know

Dementia is prevalent in older people, but this does not mean that the younger ones can no longer experience it. In fact, according to a report, 9% accounts for those men and women below the age of 65 who are already experiencing this particular health condition.

In order for an individual to be diagnosed with this mental disorder, he or she should have at least two or more of the symptoms. So if you are suspecting your family member to have it, here are the 10 signs of dementia that everyone should know:
1. Memory Loss

This is the number one manifestation of dementia. Due to the damage in the hippocampus, it is inevitable for sufferers to lose their memory, and this could affect their daily activities and overall quality of life.
Some people with this mental condition may have the so-called short-term memory in which they can remember occurrences many years ago, but they can’t remember what they just did in the last few hours.