11 Healthy Foods That Are Affordable

We all know that eating healthy food is essential to keep the body strong and free from any illnesses. But we have to admit it; those nutritious food items are usually expensive. This is the reason why a lot of people resort to junk foods instead. And also, they find it so much easier to rip open a huge bag of chips than to cook some vegetables.

But really, healthy eating doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. As you long as you do your homework and you know how to work on your budget, you can enjoy nutritious meals as well without spending a lot of money.

Are you ready to make a change? Here are 11 healthy affordable foods that you should know

1.     Carrots


This type of vegetable contains a lot of nutrients. In fact, this is the best source of beta-carotene. The vitamin A that you can get from carrots will surely help strengthen your immune system and promote good eyesight too.

And have you checked how much carrots are lately? You can get a pound for under a dollar!


2.     Green Cabbage


Aside from the vitamins B, C, and K that this green vegetable contains, it also has glucosinolate, which is an antioxidant that has been proven to be quite effective in preventing the development of cancer.

You can buy a pound of green cabbage for about 50 to 60 cents.


3.     Broccoli


If you are not aware yet, broccoli is probably the most nutritious vegetable that you can find at a very affordable price. It is high in vitamin C, which is exactly what your body needs to boost its immune system.


4.     Spinach


This leafy vegetable is not expensive at all. You can simply add it to your salad, soup, or even to your smoothies and you will have a healthy treat for yourself.


5.     Sweet Potatoes


Loaded with vitamins and minerals, sweet potatoes would be a great addition to your budget-friendly diet.


6.     Tomatoes


Who said that tomatoes are expensive? They are not! A majority of their health benefits are due to their lycopene content, which is a great aid in reducing inflammation as well as protecting the cells from getting damaged.


7.     Butternut Squash


When compared to the other varieties of squash, this one right here is far more affordable and nutritious. It contains lots of soluble fibers, which are essential if you are trying to lose some weight.


8.     Brown Rice


If you are a rice lover, then might as well switch to the brown variety as it is healthier than the white one. Its cost is nothing compared to the prices of medications that you would have to buy if you have type 2 diabetes or a heart disease.


9.     Bananas


Bananas are quite affordable. Nobody can deny that. And when you take a look at their health benefits, they are definitely a winner. They can help promote weight loss as well as good digestive health.


10.                        Oranges


Oranges are sold for about $1 per pound. They are very cheap, but their health benefits can never be underestimated. Since they are loaded with vitamin C, they provide an excellent boost to your immune system.


11.                        Apples


Apples are also very affordable, and you can have them for a quick snack. They are particularly helpful when it comes to losing weight and regulating the levels of blood sugar.