11 Of The Most Secluded Beaches In The U.S

For those of you who love private and alone time on the beach, this piece will reveal to you 11 of the best private and secluded beaches in the U.S. some of which have remained undiscovered till now.

1. Carova Beach, North Carolina

This is one of the undeveloped beaches among the Spartan beach chain in North Carolina. The journey to the beach is one full of adventure. The highway 12 will only take you as far as the north of Carolina. From here, you will have to take a four hour car drive to take you through the primitive system of dirty roads or a ride on the sand. However, don’t be in a rush to get to the beach, drive slowly to see the vacation homes in the wooden interior and the wild horses roaming on the protected dunes believed to be the descendants of the Spanish mustangs shipwreck.

2. Bowman’s Beach, Florida

While many beach enthusiast know about the beauty of linen-white beaches of Sanibel Islands found approximately 25 miles southwest of Fort Myers in Florida, only a few of them know of Browman’s beach which is just a quarter mile walk from the main road. This makes the beach less populated and a good spot for those looking for a peaceful secluded beach they can spend alone time with less competition. The beach is under developed making it unpopular among beach goers not seeking seclusion. The barbecue grills also makes Browman’s beach a good place for a low-key family get away.

3. Cumberland Island, Georgia

Cumberland Island is a protected Seashore and a designated Biosphere Reserve in the U.S. The Island is one of the popular secluded beaches in the U.S since the Carnegies used the beach as a family getaway in the 19th century. The island was protected from development in the 1970s making it popular for beach goers who enjoy sea turtles, wild horses and armadillos that roam the protected powder-smooth sand.

The numbers of visitors are limited to 300 per day by the National Park service, making the beach less populated and a peaceful place. To enjoy unlimited access to over 1000 foot stretch of band side, you can book to stay in the luxurious island’s hotel, Greyfield Inn.

4. Enderts Beach, California

Enderts Beach is one of the secluded beaches in the U.S. with a coastline that is overshadowed by the California’s Redwoods National park made up of 2000 years old redwoods, growing to a height of about 35 stories. The secluded beaches are separated by swaths of marsh and sand from the lush forest making them one of the most secluded beaches in the U.S. The sunbathers and beachcombers come here to camp at The Nickel creek Campground and spend some peaceful time on the sand surrounded by nature and enjoying the sound in the land of giants.

The beach is about 500 feet above sea level with a cool breeze. While here, you can enjoy the view of the pacific and you are sometimes rewarded with a one of a kind show of migrating whales in the month of March and April. Enderts Beach is a good spot for a family get way. They is also a ranger guided pool walk where your kids can enjoy themselves as you relax at your favorite secluded spot.

5. Dry Tortugas, Florida

Dry Tortugas are a cluster of 7 islands located in the Gulf of Mexico that are accessible only by boat. You can enjoy activities such as swimming, reef snorkeling marine and bird spotting as you travel to the island. The isolated national park offers a life time adventure with a 5 hour trip to Key West and a tour to the unfinished 1846 fortress; The Fort Jefferson.

The package includes breakfast, lunch and snorkeling gear. All you will need to bring with you are the essentials and drinking water. Reserve a limited camping spot to enjoy some quality time on one of the secluded beaches in Dry Tortugas, Florida.

6. Kaihalulu, Hawaii

Kaihalulu, also known as Red Sand Beach is one of the top secluded beaches in the U.S. It’s not only hard to find but also dangerous to surf and off limits to all. Hana Bay which is found on the far side of the Ka’uikii Hill was found as a result of an eroded volcanic cinder cone and is surrounded by black cliffs and green ironwood trees making it adventurous.

Though it’s risky to swim and surf here, the beach is secluded with many beautiful and amazing surrounding and offers a variety of sightseeing opportunities.

7. Orient Beach State Park, New York

While Long Island beaches are often crowded, there are a few places left undiscovered that you can enjoy without having to share with many people. Among them is Orient Beach State Park located on North Fork Island. The 300 foot sand stretch makes is less populated and you can find an isolated spot where you can sunbathe peacefully. It’s a good spot for a family retreat with many play grounds and amenities.

8. Point Bennett, California

Point Bennett is located on the westernmost side of the Channel Islands. It’s popular for the variety marine life which includes over 2000 species of different plants and animals among them seals and sea lions. Take a ferry and go sightseeing, from Ventura, through the antique shops, to the revitalized Main Street.

9. Roque Bluffs, Maine

The journey to Roque Bluffs is both fun and adventurous. It will take you through blueberry barrens, dense boreal fir trees, and thicket of beach roses. And when you get to the beach you can enjoy peaceful times on some of the most secluded spots on the beach. You can bring your family with you and go swimming or sit around the picnic tables.

10. Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

Sandbridge Beach is located 15 miles south of Virginia Beach resort. It has a stretch of over 5 miles of secluded beaches with sand dunes and waves good for surfing. To enjoy a peaceful time in seclusion, consider renting a kayak and explore the beaches, marshlands and woodlands in Back National Wildlife Refuge.

11. Sanibel and Captiva Islands

Sanibel and Captiva Islands is an eco-Friendly Island located west of Fort Myers. Though the island is popular among seashell collectors, it’s a good sport for a low key family getaway. It is a stretch of about 12 miles, making it an isolated spot that is quiet and peaceful.