11 Things That Could Soon Disappear Forever

In recent years, technological advancements have given birth to so many things that nobody back in the day ever thought would exist. Those innovations have made our lives so much easier. But looking at the things that you are enjoying now, have you ever wondered if you can actually hold on to them for life?

If you think about it, things come and go. Do you remember those Betamax tapes that were later on replaced by VHS tapes? Shortly after that, they were no longer in circulation. Instead, people started using CDs and DVDs. That’s how fast things can fade.

So what else could soon disappear forever? Take a look at the following:
1. Chargers

People nowadays just couldn’t live without chargers for their smartphones and other gadgets. In fact, some people even keep like five of these cords to ensure that they will always have a backup. But soon, these chargers may not be useful anymore as remote charging is not impossible to get into the picture.