12 Best Caribbean Islands To Visit

By choosing the Caribbean as your next travel destination, the chances are that you are interested in pristine beaches, great food and weather which is consistently incredible all year round. The only problem is choosing from the hundreds of islands which all boast those same properties. To make your decision a little bit easier, here are 12 of the best Caribbean islands for you to add to your bucket list.

1. St. Lucia

Possibly the most popular Caribbean island on this list, especially for newly married couples is St. Lucia. With it’s perfect beaches and it’s wide range of resorts and amenities, St. Lucia is a well travelled island, which attracts visitors from all over the world. The amount of activities and natural wonders will keep you busy for a long time, and the welcoming people and delicious food will stamp St. Lucia firmly into your heart, and will keep you coming back year after year. St. Lucia is also the home of the annual Jazz Festival, which is held in the spring of each year, and attracts thousands of Jazz aficionados. If you are a Jazz fan, then you certainly don’t want to miss that one.

2. Bermuda

Heavily influenced by British culture, Bermuda is considered one of the most ‘Western’ of the Caribbean Islands. The pristine beaches and luscious surroundings are still in tact, but visitors can expect a more elegant vacation, compared to those taken on any other Caribbean island. The list of activities that one can enjoy are endless, with Bermuda hosting some of the best golf courses, museums and snorkelling spots. With flights from Eastern parts of America taking just a couple of hours at the most, Bermuda is an extremely convenient choice for holiday makers who don’t want to waste their time travelling.

3. St. John

Rated as one of the most naturally beautiful islands of the Caribbean, St. John is the perfect destination for anyone who enjoys taking in some world class scenery. With some of the clearest waters in the Caribbean, St. John is also one of the first choices for snorkellers, especially in Trunk Bay and surrounding areas, which is home to some of the most stunning marine life. If you are a U.S Citizen, there is no need for passports and a Visa, as the island is part of the U.S Virgin Islands.

4. Antigua

One of the most upbeat islands of the Caribbean is Antigua, which is often grouped with it’s larger neighbor, Barbuda. The local people are friendly, and the night life is exciting, with an abundance of great restaurants, bars, cafes and casinos. If you are looking for something a little bit more serene, then you can check out one of the hundreds of beautiful beaches, which are scattered all over the island. It would be incredibly difficult to see them all, but every single one of them are worth seeing, so it’s not a tough choice.

5. Barbados

Possibly the most diverse islands of the Caribbean is Barbados. A popular tourist destination which can accommodate travellers with any sort of budget, Barbados is the ultimate “Paradise Playground”, with activities and events to suit almost every taste. Bridgetown is an active city with a lot to see. You can try the hundreds of different varieties of rum, you can play a few rounds on a world class golf course, or you can visit one of the most beautiful, and popular rock formations in the world, Harrison’s Cave.

6. Vieques

To truly appreciate the beauty of the Caribbean islands, and to get away from the upbeat, energetic vibe that the majority of the islands possess, Vieques is the place to visit. With only 10,000 inhabitants, and a more laid back, often mature visitor, Vieques is the perfect place to completely relax, and really take in the beauty of the Caribbean. The island is very popular with newly wedded couples, who seek a beautiful destination which is serene enough for them to relax, and enjoy each others company.

7. Nevis

Another one of the more “Secret” island getaways for travellers to enjoy, is Nevis. Although the island is small in size, the amount of natural beauty is enough to keep you busier than you might first expect. The island is again, popular with honeymooners, and people who want to relax and get away from it all. The food is fresh, the people are friendly, and there are plenty of places to stay.

8. Puerto Rico

Another favorite Caribbean island of choice for citizens of the U.S is Puerto Rico. Being a commonwealth of the United States, citizens do not require a passport in order to visit. Just a few hours flight from the majority of the US, you will find a huge diversity of both historical sites, and modern culture. Puerto Rico is a popular destination for surfers and snorkellers, thanks to it’s wide range of beaches. If you are looking for great night life, and you enjoy a little bit of gambling, then there is bound to be something here for you.

9. Jamaica

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, it’s no surprise that Jamaica is considered one of the 12 best Caribbean islands. Due to it’s popularity, and the constantly growing number of hotels and resorts, you will often find that your local travel agents will offer some amazing deals, which will help you enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean, without breaking the bank. Jamaica is famous for it’s beautiful scenery, it’s world class food, and Montego Bay, one of the best golf courses in the world.

10. Tortola

As the capital, and the largest island of the Birtish Virgin Islands, Tortola is a family safe vacation with a lot of activities to take part in. The accommodation is cheap, and the white sandy beaches are surrounded by lush green wildlife, making it the perfect island for nature lovers. Being the capital of the BVI, it’s no surprise that Tortola has a certain British influence, but not enough to compromise the Caribbean spirit.

11. Marie Galante

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, Marie Galante is a beautiful island with some of the best rum in the world. The beaches are white, and the water is clear. Several beaches are surrounded by coral reefs, making them the perfect destination for those who love snorkelling. If you fancy a change of scenery, then you can check out the Chateau Murat, which is an old, run down building that you have to see to believe. The island is home to several other ancient ruins, which make the perfect opportunity for some incredible photographs.

12. Aruba

One of the most diverse islands of the Caribbean is Aruba. Whether you are visiting with your family, or a bunch of your friends, there is always an abundance of activities to suit your requirements. On one side of the island, you will find a massive selection of family friendly hotels and resorts, with a ton of adventure activities for the kids. On the other hand, there is no shortage of night life on the island, with a huge amount of bars, restaurants and casinos to choose from.