4 Ways You’re Hurting Your Skin

People have spent a lot of time correcting skin mishaps, from the unexpected side effects of harsh products to post-laser scarring (which typically only occurs if you really mess up your SPF). Here we have rounded up the most common slip-ups below—the good news is that they’re super easy to avoid once you know about them.

1. Overusing Exfoliants.

This is what happens when you go too hard on your exfoliants: As you’re exfoliating away, a vital component of your skin, called the lipid barrier, starts to dissolve. When too much has been removed, your skin’s barrier becomes compromised. There are a host of symptoms you can experience if you’ve overdone it with acids or scrubs: Best-case scenario, your skin becomes dry and dehydrated; worst case, your skin becomes exceptionally sensitive, burning, and irritated.