5 Facts About Alcohol That Aren’t True

This list sets out to discredit a few alcohol myths that have been bothering society since people starting to drink alcohol.

#1 Drinking Coffee Will Sober You Up

Drinking coffee won’t make your body metabolize alcohol faster. Coffee does not help you get sober. If you’re plastered, you’re going to have to wait several hours for the alcohol to leave your system on its own.

#2 Men And Women Of The Same Height Can Drink The Same Amounts

It was found that men tended to have more muscle and less fat than women. Muscle has more water than fat, which means that alcohol is more diluted in men than in women.

#3 Mixing Alcohol With Energy Drinks Will Make You More Drunk

Mixing alcohol with energy drinks will not make you more drunk. California State University, Chico reported that alcohol mixed with energy drinks usually contains the same amount of alcohol as draft beers and wines, but it’s the addition of caffeine that can cause a dramatic intoxication.

#4 Dark Beer Is Higher In Alcohol Content

Not all beer is created equal — you are truly in the hands of the brew-master when it comes to the alcohol content of the beer you are drinking. Some lighter colored beers have a high alcohol content that can easily stand up to a big, bold, dark colored beer

#5 Alcohol Kills Brain Cells

It didn’t harm your brain cells. The New York Times reported that former researcher at the State University of New York at Buffalo Dr. Roberta J. Pentney found that “alcohol disrupts brain function in adults by damaging message-carrying dendrites on neurons in the cerebellum, a structure involved in learning and motor coordination.