5 New Year’s Good Luck Traditions Around The World

What have we done right? What could we have done better? What plans do we have for the year to come and how are we going to fill it with many more accomplishments? As Americans get ready for the endless resolutions that should start with the beginning of 2019, other populations around the world focus on their good-luck arsenal and engage in a variety of traditions and superstitions meant to make their next year a bit better.

1. Keep Your Money Under The Carpet.

To have more money next year, consider saving it all up for New Year’s Eve – just like some Romanians like to do. Among this group of Eastern Europeans, rumor has is that putting bills under the rug before the clock ticks midnight guarantees a prosperous year ahead. To enhance your chances at that fortune, be sure to wear red underwear and break some glasses while chanting the classic “Happy New Year!”