5 Reasons Your Mattress Is Damaging Your Health

#1 Old Mattress Loses Shape & Causes Pain

An old mattress starts to lose its shape, it becomes lumpy and saggy. It loses firmness and foundation that is supposed to keep you supported. When your body isn’t supported it will put pressure on your joints, tilt and angle your body in a contorted fashion giving you all those lovely “kinks” in your muscles, tendons, and nerves.

#2 Bugs & Allergens

The bugs, the skin cells, and the oils all collect and build up on our mattress, blankets, pillows, and pajamas. The build up, no matter how many times we wash the linens, creates a prime breeding ground for molds, bacteria, and even bigger bugs – dust mites.

#3 Sleep Apnea

Some doctors believe some mattress types could make the problem worse. But at the very least, if you aren’t being supported properly by your mattress it may kink your body in certain positions making you snore at night.

#4 Aging

Lack of sleep raises your stress hormones, which wears and tears on every single micro millimeter of your body, including the biggest living, breathing organism – your skin. Eye bags, wrinkles, and fine lines all around your face show that wear and tear and it shows unfavorable to your chronological age.

#5 Bed Bugs

They suck your blood, reproduce faster than rabbits, and are resistant to everything but a very specific set of procedures that should be held under lock and key to prevent any future mutational and evolutionary resistance. Being a clean person has no effect on them, let’s face it a brand new mattress is just as susceptible as an old one.