5 Successful Dividend Stocks For 2019

#1 Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT)

Often the forgotten third musketeer to Walmart (WMT) and Amazon.com (AMZN), big-box retailer Target offers something for investors that neither of its higher-profile competitors do: a robust, 3.6 percent yield.

#2 Altria Group (MO)

A stereotypically defensive holding for conservative, income-seeking investors, tobacco giant Altria Group can funnel major capital back to shareholders through dividends and buybacks due to strong margins, customer loyalty and low reinvestment requirements.

#3 Occidental Petroleum Corp. (OXY)

Global growth fears and a supply glut are pressuring oil prices. For Occidental, a Houston-based oil and natural gas producer, that’s clearly not ideal – but it’s not a death knell, as it can be for less nimble rivals.

#4 Intel Corp. (INTC)

The largest broad line semiconductor business (companies that design, produce and sell various types of computer chips) on earth. After the sell-off in tech stocks, INTC sells at a meaningful discount to 2018 highs, trading at just 11 times earnings.

#5 Best Buy Co. (BBY)

Best Buy has withstood a decades-long assault from brick-and-mortar-retailers’ primary villain, Amazon.com, although arguably against much bleaker odds. Fighting through the Great Recession as competitors like Circuit City and Radio Shack went bust, Best Buy made it through the hardest times, carving out its niche as the premiere physical electronics retailer.