5 Ways To Save Money On High-Quality Beauty Products

Women spend an average of nearly $3,000 a year to keep their faces looking good, in the U.S. That’s very expensive paint that we’re wearing only for a short time until our next shower while trying to fight off the aging process—and we can absolutely do better by our wallets, thanks to a few pointers from beauty and budgeting experts, we can.

1. Look For Brand Collaboration.

It is suggested that looking for high-end brands in unlikely places. Many luxury labels are reaching out to us commoners by working with the companies and stores we love (and can afford). One recent example is the collaboration between French fashion house Balmain and equally French but considerably less-fancy L’Oreal Paris.

2. Trust The Experts.

There are a good number of brands run by makeup artists at the top of their field. Not only are these brands extra trustworthy, but they’re frequently very accessible. The experts behind the brands often have YouTube tutorials with tips on how best to use their products.

3. Carefully Check Out Copycat Products.

Since many brands mark up the cost of their products to make up for the money spent on marketing and fancy packaging, you’ll see products with the same ingredients at very different prices. At the same time, formulation can vary greatly between products, and ingredients might work better or worse depending on how the manufacturer handled them.

4. Do Your Research To Get What You Paid For.

You should figure out which ingredients work for best for you: Does your skin like hyaluronic acid? Squalane? Shea butter? Look for products where that’s one of the top ingredients. If you want to be an even savvier beauty buyer, learn how to read a product label, including which ingredients are worth splurging on and which are a marketing gimmick.

5. Use Online Coupon Codes And Rebates.

Not only are there coupon codes for nearly every big online retailer, but many brands also offer cash back when you shop online. You can get anything from a discount to free samples and shipping.