5 Ways To Smell Amazing All Day

Everyone wants to smell good. People spend countless hours and dollars on finding their signature scent, but alas half way through the day it has faded. Then there are some people who walk into a room and fill the room with their distinct scent.

1. Start With Picking Your Scent.

This might be the hardest part. There are multiple scents to choose from, built of different herbs, flowers, and spices. I recommend going to your local department store with an extended beauty department. Pick up samples, then pick your favorite scent.

2. Know Your Scent.

Once you have chosen your favorite perfume, make sure to get to know the perfume. Check to make sure if you are buying a “parfum” or “toillette” – because there is a big difference. Parfum is much more concentrated and will last longer, while a toillette is meant to be used as a skin refresher. Beyond knowing the type of perfume you are buying, find the key notes.

3. Pick A Body Wash.

Pick a Body Wash with similar ingredients making the fragrance last all day is all about layering. So once you have gotten to know your favorite perfume, invest some time into finding a body wash with similar ingredients. This will create a great foundation for your perfume to last all day, and will create a harmonious relationship between your products.

4. Moisturize With A Similar Scent.

This idea goes off the last slide. Take your body wash and perfume a step above and add a scented lotion into the mix. This way you are truly ensuring your skin is absorbing the scent of your choice, and will last all day. Certain luxury companies will sell a bundle of these items, but it is smarter to search for your own body wash and lotion by finding matches through keynote ingredients.

5. Layer Oil Under Perfume.

Oil under perfume is a huge beauty hack. Perfume usually fades on dry skin because there is nothing to latch onto, but putting a little oil can totally change your perfume longevity. Dab a little bit of your favorite oil under areas you are going to spray, and smell yourself all day!