5 Ways To Stop Overthinking And Find More Joy

Let me ask you something for a sec… Take a breath and think of a time you purely used your head. A time when that brain of yours entirely led the way. What happened? Now… Take another breath and think of a time you used your heart. When your heart-space led you fully. What happened then? Reflecting on that for a moment, do you want more of those heart-driven, intuitive moments to create life? Probably, right? That’s how we get to the place where we’re going full-throttle and falling over in yoga class, not caring what we look like.

1. Imagine 2019 Is Your Last Year To Live.

What are three things you’d make non-negotiable: spending time with your parents? Writing that book? Visiting the Grand Canyon? Sitting down to have an intimate talk that you’ve been putting off? Make them real!