6 Cars You Should Never Buy & Why!

#1 Mitsubishi Mirage

There is no compelling reason to buy a Mirage and, for the money, there are many much better used cars for the same price. The price range: $12,995-$16,995. It has a weak, vibrating three-cylinder engine that delivers sluggish acceleration or the clumsy roly-poly handling.

#2 Fiat 500L

It earned a dismal road-test score due to a stiff ride, flat seats, and an odd driving position. Based on an extensive owner satisfaction survey, a high percentage of owners wish they hadn’t bought this hatchback. The 500L also has one of the worst reliability scores among all new cars in a recent survey. Price range: $19,495-$24,795

#3 Chrysler 200

Handling is clumsy, the ride is unsettled, and the four-cylinder engine is underwhelming. The transmission is uncooperative and has proven to be a reliability albatross. In Consumer Reports’ ratings, the 200 has the dubious distinction of carrying the lowest Overall Score and lowest road-test score in the class, as well as the lowest predicted reliability rating. Price range: $21,995-$31,785

#4 Toyota Tacoma

There is no escaping that this is a primitive truck. Despite the recent redesign, the ride remains stiff, handling is ponderous, the cabin is loud, and the driving position is still awkward. Price range: $24,825-$37,820

#5 Dodge Journey

The Journey has a confining interior and lacks agility, and the V6 delivers the worst fuel economy in its class. It suffers from below-average reliability and poor performance in IIHS small-overlap frontal crash tests. Price range: $20,995-$33,695

#6 Cadillac Escalade

It rides too stiffly and doesn’t stop or handle with the grace of its peers. The second-row seats are too low, and the third row is cramped. The Cue infotainment system is confounding. Reliability ranks worst in class. Price range: $73,395-$97,795