6 Easy To Do Jobs For Anyone Looking For Extra Cash

Retired and looking to earn some cash with not-so-hectic jobs? Here’s a list of 6 easy job picks for you:

#1: Be a Crossing Guard

Most schools require a crossing guard to administer children crossing the street after school hours are over. You should be smart with stopping traffic and leading pedestrians to take up this job. This can be a good opportunity for you to work as you can take up the shifts you like and can earn a decent amount ranging from $9-$15 an hour.

#2: Be a Pet Sitter

Are you a pet lover and have taken care of several of your own pets? Well then, this will be a job you will love to do. Such jobs generally pay between $8-$12/hour and require you to be able to work as per the pet owner’s schedule which may range anywhere between mid-day requirements and late night requirements.

#3: Be a Bartender

Are you a happy-go-lucky kind of person and a connoisseur when it comes to drinks? If yes, then you may enjoy this job more than anyone else. You can score somewhere between $8-$12 an hour for this job along with generous tips. Plus, you may enjoy working at such a lively place and more importantly, being at one.

#4: Take Up a Retail Job

There’s always vacancy for retail professionals at Walmart, Fred Meyer and other retail stores. This is an easy job if you have some idea of managing inventory and dealing with billing systems. It’s a great job for people over 50 and the average pay ranges from $10 to $15 an hour. Plus, you have flexibility to opt for a shift of your choice.

#5: Be a Chauffeur

If you love to drive and you could do it all day, this is one great job to take up for driving people across town. All you need as a prerequisite is valid driver’s license, good driving record and keen sense of direction. $9-$14 an hour is the least you can expect from this job. Plus, you get to get around different places making it a fun job for you.

#6: Get into Amusement Park Management 

If you would like to spend some time of your day at a lively place, getting a job in amusement park management can be a good start. Paying a minimum of $8-$11/hour, this job generally involves ticketing, ride management, helping travelers with directions and facilities and getting along with kids.