6 Free Online Investment Calculators

These free online investment calculators rival the tools financial advisors use. Financial advisors have access to the best investment calculators. Their financial planning software and programs lay out a “tremendous road map” to help clients answer complex but essential questions. Here are six of the best free online investment calculators to get you started.

1. CalcXML

CalcXML is the calculator database to rule all calculator databases. It provides more than 150 free investment calculators, ranging from cash flow and taxation tools to retirement savings and investment calculators. After you get your calculations, you can download or print the results to keep forever more.

2. Bankrate

There’s a reason Bankrate features its calculators in the center of its homepage: It’s got “a bunch of neat ones,” Cumello says. These cover the financial gamut from a mortgage payment calculator to a return on investment calculator and even a cost of living calculator, which lets you compare the cost of living in two cities.

3. Investor.gov

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission at investor.gov is another great source for free online investment calculators. These include a required minimum distribution calculator, savings goal calculator and a compound interest calculator to see how your investment can grow over time.

4. Pesonal Capital’s Financial Dashboard

You don’t have to be a client to use Personal Capital’s Financial Dashboard, either. Link your current bank and investment accounts for one of the most holistic views of your financial life on offer free of charge. The dashboard shows users everything from net worth and spending habits to if you’re on track to retire and what your kid’s college is really going to cost.

5. Vanguard’s Retirement Nest Egg Calculator

Wondering if you’ll run out of money in retirement? Vanguard’s calculator has an answer. With four simple inputs, it’ll estimate the probability of your savings lasting to your goal or how much your investments may grow. Monte Carlo simulations assume the future will resemble the past.

6. Take Charge America

TakeChargeAmerica.org is a nonprofit which provides free financial education to help Americans improve their financial futures. Available calculators under its Financial Education tab include a credit card pay-off calculator, personal net worth calculator, retirement savings contribution calculator and a 401(k) early withdrawal calculator.