6 Romantic Getaways You Must Visit

# 1 Banyan Tree Ungasan, Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is not just a country where you are to visit those temples and major tourist attractions. It is also one of the ideal ways to have one of those romantic getaways you’ve been planning for. Banyan Tree Ungasan is a secluded beach place located in the southern part of the island. Imagine that moment where you can watch the sunset with your significant other or simply walk barefoot near the beach.

#2 Playa Soledad, Costalegre, Mexico


Privately owned by the resort called Las Alamandas, seclude yourself and savor the moment with the person you have endeared the most. Be it a horse ride together or simply spending those private moments with the love of your life.

#3 Anegada, British Virgin Islands


With just a “hair strand” above sea level (just a hyperbole but almost close to it) and a very people inhabiting this place, this would be an ideal location for those romantic getaways on your long list for the year. It will be a surprised if you have found another couple close to you in this kind of paradise.

#4 Palm Island Resort and Spa, Union Island


A secluded island resorts for couples who are looking for a word-class customer service. This is an ideal place of those looking for some romantic getaways to celebrate the honeymoon or a wedding anniversary for young couples.

#5 Bald Head Island, North Carolina, U.S

If you are living in the United States and looking for some sort of secluded place for a romantic getaway, there’s no need to travel all the way to Europe, Asia or the Caribbean. Not far from the mainland of North Carolina is the Bald Head Island, just don’t expect a hotel or resort for your accommodation, what you would enjoy is the luxury of how if feels to have your own home on this secluded island.

#6 Amanpulo, Sulu, Philippines


The only way to get into this paradise is through a private plane all the way from Manila, the countries capital. Couples who are looking for the white sands and crystal clear water should consider this paradise in the orient.