6 Well Paying Jobs That Can Be Done From Home

1. Proofreader

Also most word processors have built-in grammar and spell checkers, some grammatical and typos errors may slip through. Proofreaders who are qualified are still in quite high demand to check work for inaccuracies and confirm that it is readable from business plans to novels, earning approximately $35,000 annually.

2. Translators

Remote-working foreign language translators is a growing demand. Global migration combined with the integration of the international marketplace, has ignited the need for these translation services. Earning around $50,000 annually, these home-working professionals are doing pretty good, earning a bit more if you are willing to work irregular hours and fluent in a more unique language like Japanese.

3. App Developers

Not many people have the knack for developing apps, although so many of us have ideas for apps. The complexity of the programming determines the earnings, which can be approximately $40,000 annually but can sometimes reach as much as $60,000.

4. Personal Assistant

Virtual Assistants are on the increase as this has become easy to do from home due to cloud-base storage, documents and schedules, earning roughly $50,000 annually.

5. Journalist

Experienced journalists can make approximately $200 daily for their content, as all have dead space that they need filled, whether it is on screen or page, magazines, newspapers and websites. Journalists that make a name for themselves or have a unique specialism, like a legal expertise, can earn a lot more than this.

6. Social Media Manager

Managing the social media content for various organizations can snag an experienced social media professional a nice income anywhere around $65,000 annually.