7 Home Remedies For Natural Colon Cleanse

The colon is the tail end of your large intestine, and it works to pull excess water from food waste and prepare your body for a bowel movement. No question about it, your colon does a big, dirty job. For that reason, occasional cleansing is good for your colon and your overall health. It relieves constipation and helps you be more regular. Here are 7 methods to try – just don’t overdo it. Colon cleanses are best done a few times a year or as needed.

1. Herbal Teas.

These herbal teas, however, have a true laxative effect. Herbs including aloe vera, slippery elm, psyllium, and marshmallow root are often used to manage constipation. You should ask your doctor before using these, but if you get the go ahead, one cup per day is sure to keep you regular.