8 Destinations That Are Now On The US Travel Blacklist

Do you like a little danger when you travel? Do you like the idea or taking risks due to the superior experience they can provide? Well here’s the thing, when you travel there’s a difference between adventure and serious danger. Seeking adventure is about wanting to enjoy yourself in ways that are uncommon. You’re looking for something that’s going to get the blood pumping. You’re looking for an experience you can tell your kids about one day. You want something that’s going to make for some cool pictures on social media.

Serious danger situations are entirely different. Now you’re talking about direct threats to your physical health and wellbeing. You’re talking about the chance of getting seriously hurt, killed, kidnapped, sexually assaulted, tortured, robbed, beaten, etc. These are dangers that believe it or not exist at a high level of many parts of the world. Now in a lot of cases these risks are more prevalent in countries that are really poor. These are countries that don’t have a true police force, but private militia groups who run things.

There are also countries that might not be as bad, but they are hostile depending on you being a US citizen or not. You need to understand this and stay away from such countries. On different government websites you can get a complete list of countries where you’re not allowed to go. But we’ve taken the time to put together a short list of some that are the most risky and certainly on the US travel blacklist: