8 Ways to Add More Joy to Your Dreaded Chores

Because of quarantine, many of us spend our time at home. It could be fun, relaxing and all. But home chores such as washing the dishes, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, etc. are piling up. More dishes are used especially with a large family.

We love procrastinating and say “Nah, I have much time, I’ll do the laundry later”, and then the ‘later’ turns tomorrow which turns to ‘the day after tomorrow’ until it reaches weeks- and the result, mountains of used clothes in the basket. Seeing it makes you procrastinate even more.

When this happens, doing the chores will surely be draining and tiring. It’s like an unending catastrophe.

Good thing though, we can spice things up. Do these 8 ways to add more joy to your dreaded chores:

1. Energize Your Body by Playing Music When Doing Chores

Yup, it’s the number one and very effective way to add more joy to your dreaded chores.

Ever wonder why every time we play music, we feel energized? As if the beat of the music boosts our blood flow.

There’s a scientific explanation for that. Endorphin is a hormone that increases the feel of excitement. When we listen to music, it releases endorphin from our bodies. It also helps ease the feeling of sorrow and anxiety and it sustains the immune system. The higher the level of endorphin, the more we feel energized while the risk of stress decreases.

Visit the gym and observe the people who are working out. You will realize that most of them wear earphones or play upbeat songs on the stereos. This puts them in good mood and boosts their energy.

So next time, when doing chores- volume up, play upbeat songs, and act as if you’re having a concert while holding your broom as a microphone.

2. Make It a Great Activity

It’s a little bit ironic but let your kids play while doing house chores. Involve them in your cleaning. By doing so, follow these;

  • Whoever finishes dusting first will receive a reward.
  • Attach a basketball ring to the wall and under it is a basket and play shoot the ball but this time, use the laundry clothes as a substitute.
  • Wash 5 clothes or dishes for a dollar (But you have to guide them to make sure it’s clean).
  • Do not bore them- have fun cleaning!

3. Set a Timer

You have to do this in 10 minutes and this in 7 minutes. Treat it as if it’s a race. It’s fulfilling and fun when you succeed to beat that clock and it speeds up the task too. 

4. Ask For Help

If it’s an easy task, you can do it by yourself. But if you needed somebody to finish the chores, ask for help. Admit it; cleaning your house alone is lonely and slow in progress. If you have a partner in doing chores, have conversations. This way, you will enjoy cleaning your house, doing the laundry, or washing the dishes and it speeds up the tasks.

5. If a Task Can Be Done in 2 minutes, Do it

Washing the dishes you used, laundering your undies, or fixing the bed are the things that can be done in 2 minutes or even less. Normalize doing things that can be done in an instant and don’t wait until tomorrow. This behavior is something that you need to possess. You don’t want your chores to keep piling up.

6. Fix Your Mind-set

Know how you can approach your task. Two people doing the same thing will have a different way of approaching it. See things in a different way and ask yourself “What’s the best way to finish this task?” Assess the thing that needs more attention. You will know that “I’m doing this because I am WILLING to do it” is better than “I’m doing this because I HAVE to”.

7. Start Now!

First of all, nothing will be done if you don’t start now. It will be a difficult task to do if not done ASAP.

8. Reward Yourself

Treat yourself with ice cream or with foods that you love or even have a good dinner by taking yourself to a fancy restaurant. It’s up to you, really. Finishing your task is actually an accomplishment. Rewarding yourself is a small act but it motivates you to finish things and will give you the excitement the next time you do it.

Final Say…

Staying clean is a necessity. Either it’s yourself (your body) or your surroundings, especially your home. Learn how to have fun while doing chores, and you should be able to get things done much easier.