Can Antibiotics Treat Coronavirus?

As the coronavirus continues to spread and the number of patients increases rapidly worldwide, people are asking if there is already a cure. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment yet. There is still ongoing research on various drugs and vaccines with the hope that the solution will be found soon.

Although there is no specific cure yet for the said illness, the good news is that the symptoms can be managed, and that is how over 900 thousand patients have recovered. Keeping reading by going to the next page for more analysis.

Are Antibiotics Effective in Treating Coronavirus Disease?

There have been a lot of speculations about the possible cure and treatment for COVID-19. One of which is the use of antibiotics. Many patients are hoping that the doctors would prescribe them one. Are they effective, though?
The World Health Organization (WHO) and healthcare professionals clarified that antibiotics CANNOT treat or prevent coronavirus, or any viruses for that matter because this type of medication is designed to tackle only bacteria. With that said, there is no way it would work to treat viral infections. People have to understand that virus is different from bacteria, and so the treatment for each is definitely not the same.

Understanding Antibiotics

Patients tend to assume that if they have flu or any other related infections that antibiotics would be the solution. But the thing is, not all infections are caused by a virus. Some of them are due to bacteria too. For this reason, testing needs to be done. The patient has to undergo several examinations or lab tests in order for the doctor to determine the actual cause of the health condition and to avoid prescribing inappropriate medications, particularly antibiotics.

In the case of COVID-19, though, it is a viral infection and, therefore, using antibiotics would be useless.
What Are the Effects of Improper Use of Antibiotics?

For people who have the coronavirus disease, using antibiotics will not help at all. Aside from it is a waste of time, effort, and resources, it can also worsen antibiotic resistance.

Understanding Bacteria

As bacteria are exposed to the drug, they find an incredible way to protect themselves against the medication. This then results in bugs that are very hard to treat – just like the coronavirus, which is affecting millions of people all over the world these days.

Furthermore, when bacteria and viruses combine, these pathogens could cause deadly illnesses. As the viral infection takes its toll on the immune system, the other organs of the human body get affected too, leading to more complications. And while that is happening, the body gets more susceptible to bacterial infections, which can make the condition even worse and fatal.

The Final Verdict

With this in mind, you should never take antibiotics unless it is prescribed by a healthcare professional. You have to undergo some lab tests to find out if what you are experiencing is caused by bacteria or viruses.

COVID-19 or coronavirus disease, as the term suggests is a viral infection. Antibiotics are specifically designed to kill bacteria and not viruses. Therefore, they cannot be used as a treatment for this particular illness.