7 Reasons Why Buying a House is Cheaper Than Renting.

If you are looking forward to buy a house, you most probably have listened to your coworkers, friends and family; may be many of them are encouraging you to go head and many are advising to stop here. So, you may still be in confusion but now you can get right information here to make right decision.

The more you know about the pros and cons of buying a home, the less you get scary during the entire process. Here are some points describing that why you should buy your own him;

Rent money is dead money, in fact:


When you are living on rent, you are actually paying for the mortgage of someone else and in return just getting a roof on your head. Is it justice with you? It is fine for short-term but in long term! No way. Buying your own home; you can have all that money as your saving, which was being invested in renting.