How To Cure Hyperpigmentation Naturally

Hyperpigmentation, which is also called melasma, is a skin condition that darkens some part of the skin. This makes the outward appearance of the skin sketchy, dry and uneven. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to treat. Hyperpigmentation is caused by overproduction of melanin which in turn causes the formation of dark spots on the skin.

1. Lemon Juice And Honey.

Lemon juice and honey work well together to reduce the effects of hyperpigmentation. Lemon juice plays the role of bleaching the dark spots while the honey acts as a skin conditioner. To make the treatment, simply mix one glass of lemon juice with an equal amount of honey and store the mixture in an air proof container. Apply this mixture twice a day on the affected parts of your skin and leave it on for 20 minutes. Once the time elapses, simply wash off the mixture with lukewarm water.

2. Cucumber.

Cucumber is widely used for skin care and also comes in handy when it comes to hyperpigmentation. It helps even out the skin tone thus making the dark spots less obvious. All you need to do is put your cucumber in a juicer and apply the juice obtained on the dark spots on your skin. Leave the juice on your skin for around thirty minutes before washing it off.

3. Potatoes.

Potatoes are also very helpful when it comes to treating hyperpigmentation. It lightens the dark spots thus improving their appearance. You can simply cut a potato and rub the cut part on the dark spots or put it in a juicer and apply the juice on the affected parts of your skin. Rinse this off after thirty minutes and do this twice a day.

4. Turmeric.

If your hyperpigmentation is a result of overexposure to sunlight, turmeric is the right treatment for you. It evens out the skin tone, repairs damage and gives the skin a glow. Simply make a thick paste using one teaspoon of turmeric powder, two tablespoon of flour, half a teaspoon of almond oil and a bit of water. Apply this mixture on the affected areas and leave it on for twenty minutes before rinsing it.

5. Vitamin E And Aloevera.

Aloevera does a great job of reducing the effects of hyperpigmentation while vitamin E contains skin mending properties. For this treatment, you need to apply aloevera gel straight form the leaves, on the affected steps. Wash it out after twenty minutes and then apply a skin care product that’s rich in vitamin E on the areas you had applied the aloevera.