Scientific Ways Proven to Increase Creativity

Increasing your self-worth is what matters the most. You badly want to improve yourself but you’ve noticed that there is something wrong with your mindset and habit. You always think that you don’t have any ideas, where in fact; you just need to boost it. Isn’t it kind of annoying and disappointing when you have a lot of things to do but your mind says “Urgh, there’s no way out!” or “I don’t have any ideas!”? Well, scientifically your brain provides different ideas but make sure to find its way out.

Creativity requires thinking outside the box. Sometimes when working at home, you might get displeased when your mind is not functioning. For example, in your school work, you can probably stare at your personal computer with a blank screen for about 1hr and 30 minutes but guess what? You don’t have anything in mind. If you often experience this as much as you wish to strengthen some techniques to make your day more productive, you have chosen the right page.

Here are some quirks that might help you ratchet up your routine – according to science:

Visit Your Happy Place

Visiting your happy place makes you relax and think positively. I am fond of visiting the seashore, where I am mesmerized by the beauty of the crystal clear water. It is beneficial to allow yourself to dwell in the place that makes you happy, calm, and comfortable.

You can go to high mountains for hiking; you can visit tea shops, book stores, or other places that grant you peace of mind and focus. Let your mind rest a bit and wander. Try an environment that lightens up your mood and let ideas flow throughout the day. Do it habitually.



Meditation might be another great strategy to allow creativity to dwell in you. Meditation helps you focus your mind and to channel your thoughts in a new direction. It involves breathing in and out to compose to accept the freely imaginative concept. 

If you encounter difficulties in setting your mind right due to anxieties and stress, you can add up an instrumental song, calming breeze like what I did to loosen up. According to researchers at the Institute for Psychological Research and Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition, meditation helps people improve their sense of creativity.

Set Your Own Deadlines

Personally, I procrastinate because in my own experience, meeting the deadline will make my mind awake and allow ideas to flow. Well, that’s reality, but it should not be tolerated. Set goals for yourself by determining your own due dates and work to accomplish them in the allotted time.

Focus on the Trees and the Sky

Walking and looking at the gradient sky combined with greenery views gives you a moment to soak up its beauty. According to a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, seeing green before completing a task yields greater creativity. Research shows that you only need to look at it for a few seconds to get results.

If there is no green around you, focus on the blue or look up at the sky. According to a University of British Columbia study that looked at colors and advertising, blue is also a go-to color for boosting the ability to think creatively. So next time you’re stuck on ideas, glance at the green trees or blue sky for a few seconds to refresh your mind for a new start.

Avoid the Office Competition

Building a competition towards your colleague adds up stress and anxieties. If you force yourself to compete against each other, creativity will not foster. According to a study from Washington University in St. Louis, women work best in small teams, where their creativity, for one, rises. Instead of putting a gap, build your bond with them so that your creativity will radiate to its beauty.

Use Dim Lights

If you used to think that turning up the light makes your mind at ease and in a stable manner, we believe the same way. I use turning up the light when studying because I assumed that it keeps my mind awake, but that’s not the reality. A dim light is a strategy if you are trying to do creative ideas. Keep in mind, though, that if you want to finish something creative, do it with dim light, and if it’s about logical reasoning better do it in a high amount of light.

Create When You’re Angry

Maybe it’s ironic to complete workloads if you’re angry, but according to research, strong situational factors including negative emotions can result in powerful reflective thought. Have you ever wondered that if you’re angry, you have a lot of things to say and a lot more thoughts to reflect? Multiple studies say that it increases creative productivity. I am not telling you to keep yourself angry to make creative things, but take this as an opportunity to finish your work rather than doing nothing.

Creativity is really fun. You discover new concepts and ideas. It allows you to think outside the box. There are times that your mind is not in the right place and it’s not in a stable condition. You just need to relax and sort things out. With the help of some scientific methods, it would be easier for you to boost your creativity. After trying out these helpful tips, you would be like – from “I’m out of ideas” to “a blank paper would not be enough”.