Steps to Overcoming the Loss of Your Job

Life can be so unpredictable and that includes every aspect of it. Relationships, finances, career – we can never be sure of what will happen to them next. Even if we invest a lot of our hard work, time, and knowledge, we can never be assured that we will be spared from the popular anecdote, ‘nothing is permanent.’ They can disappear in a wink of an eye.

If you have just lost your job, you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of workers have also lost their job during this pandemic. But of course, this cannot be the words of comfort that you need. For sure, you are in one of your hardest times.

Indeed, the loss of a job or career has profound effects. You may start asking, “Why me?” If you are a dedicated worker, it can really be so hard to accept. But when it finally sinks in, grieve. It is normal to do so. But you should not stay there for long. Learn how to bounce back, or else, your grief can lead to depression and anxiety, which can give you more trouble.

Here are some steps that you can do to help you overcome the loss of your job:

Give Yourself Some Time to Grieve

When we lose anything that we value, we normally grieve. How much more when you lose your job? If you lost your job involuntarily, it can be doubly painful to a dedicated worker, especially if it was done very abruptly. It means a lot to lose a job. In an instance, you will be out of your daily routine, and all of a sudden, you have no source of income.

Allow yourself to grieve, but make it a little faster. When you do it slowly, your savings can all be spent. You may even have a harder time going back to the workforce.

Reach Out to the Right People

For someone who is grieving, it is best to stay connected with friends and family. For sure, they know how to make you feel better. Go out with them. A vacation with your loved ones will surely reinvigorate you. And don’t close your communication with your former workmates, they may be of help too. They may have some recommendations for new employment possibilities in the future.

Explore Other Options

After the vacation period, you should now come to terms with your present situation. You are now unemployed, what are your options now? For sure, you know that you cannot afford to have any source of income. Will you be going around looking for work, similar to what you have been into? Or will you be shifting to something different? What are your other skills? Will it be alright for you to spend some time learning new things? Indeed, it is always important to reevaluate and explore new possibilities in order to make progress in our lives.

Go Over Your Marketable Skills

Don’t stress yourself about finding a job immediately. Some of your applications may be returned and some may call you for an interview. You have been here before, so you should know what you will be doing. Before applying, assess your marketable skills. There may be others that you have not made use of for a long time. Rediscover these skills and hone them once again. You know for sure that these are your best points to be better than the competition.

Know Your Health Status

More than anything else, you should know your health condition. If you have not seen a doctor for a while, it’s about time. All ailments are felt or seen. If by chance you have an underlying medical condition, you should reconsider your option. You should always pay attention to your health no matter what.

Seek Career Guidance

After exploring your options, it may be wise to seek career guidance from a professional. Are you suited to the chosen career path that you have chosen? What are the preparations that you need to undergo? If you chose to look for a job that is similar to your work before, you should know what aspects you need to improve on.

Honestly, it can truly be mind-boggling to lose your job. Accepting your situation, coming to terms with it, and keeping your sanity intact are the best solutions. The stage of grieving may be the turning point where you will be. Many may have not come out from that grief. Of course, you will not allow that. Because you will be on your feet again.