The Ten Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Here is a rundown of 10 most unsafe and dangerous streets of the world. These streets have high deaths every year and are very treacherous. The general populations who live in these regions rely on these streets for their transportation, so see how lucky you are.

10. The Highway of Sichuan- Tibet (China)
The Highway of Sichuan- Tibet (China)

The Highway of Sichuan- Tibet, a high-height street in the middle of Chengdu and Tibet where avalanches and landslides are very frequent, is obviously part of the issue. It is a street with a confirmation of more than 7,500 deaths for each 100,000 drivers has created a cause to be frightened. Because of slides, poor weather and avalanches drivers should be attentive all the time.

9. The pass of Stelvio (Italy)

The Stelvio Pass is situated in Italy, is the most elevated mountain that goes in the Eastern Alps, and the second in the Alps, somewhat underneath the Col de l’Iseran. A few streets look significantly more hazardous than they are.

8. The pass of Los Caracoles (Chile)
The pass of Los Caracoles (Chile)

This road goes through the mountain of Andreas in the middle of Chile and Argentina. The street has numerous uneven slants and sharp turns with no security fences. The street is covered with snow all year round. Snow together with the natural landscape requires good driving skills as well as patience to drive in such dangerous conditions.

7. The Road of Skippers Canyon (New Zealand)
The Road of Skippers Canyon (New Zealand)

This road, situated in New Zealand, is staggeringly alarming as it’s formed using an exceptionally narrow cut amidst a sheer cliff face. This winding street requires unique motivating skills for driving.

6. The pass of Zoji (India)
The pass of Zoji (India)

Zoji La is a high pass in India, situated on the Indian National Highway in the middle of Leh and Srinagar. In winter, it remains closed mostly. In any case, it’s a lifesaver that keeps the general population of Ladakh in contact with the world.

5. The tunnel road of Guoliang (China)
The tunnel road of Guoliang (China)

The Guoliang Tunnel is cut at the mountain edge of China. Before the development of this mountain pass the village was cut off from the civilization. The fact for which this road doesn’t see much traffic is because of its perilous and dangerous construction.

4. The Highway of Karakoram (Pakistan)
The Highway of Karakoram (Pakistan)

The street “Friendship Highway” was named by the government who constructed it. The Karakoram Highway is the most paved road in the world. It’s inclined to avalanches as well as floods and to aggravate matters, the street is unpaved in Pakistan. It is still an attraction for the tourists, going through some fantastic crevasses along the old Silk Road.

3. The Highway of James Dalton, Alaska
The Highway of James Dalton, Alaska

The highway is a 667 km, and it starts at the Elliott Highway and finishes at Deadhorse. In spite of the fact that, it seems peaceful at first, is loaded with potholes, little flying rocks, and most noticeably awful of all it goes through the center of nowhere.

2. The Road of Jalalabad–Kabul (Afghanistan)
The Road of Jalalabad–Kabul (Afghanistan)

Numerous streets have been named “most risky,” yet the 65-kilometer extended highway from Kabul to Jalalabad has more claim than most, winding through the territory of Taliban. However, it’s not the risk of insurgency which makes the highway so risky rather it’s a blend of the winding and narrow paths that move up to 600 meters through the Kabul and the careless Afghan drivers attempting to overtake the massive trucks.

1. The Road of North Yungas (Bolivia)
The Road of North Yungas (Bolivia)

It is called as the “Street of Death” in the Yungas of Bolivia. It is known as the world’s scariest and most dangerous road by the Inter-American Development Bank.
These are the top most dangerous road in the world; both the traveler and driver need to remain steady, calm and alert while driving through these streets.