What’s Trending Now in HVAC!


Since this world has come into existence, people have struggled to make their lives comfortable. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation or ventilating and air conditioning. HVAC technology is used indoor for vehicular, domestic, official or environmental comfort. It is mainly aimed at thermal comfort which is the state of mind in which people feel satisfaction with the thermal environment. Subjective evaluation mostly assesses it. In simple words, HVAC technology provides peace of mind or mental satisfaction.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology (HVAC technology) are used to make indoor quality acceptable for the people inside the building or their rooms. HVAC technology is linked to the mechanical engineering field. Fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamic are its fundamental principles. Sometimes, scientists add refrigeration to abbreviations as HVAR or HVAC&R, which stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

HVAC technology is playing a significant role in all official and industrial buildings whether they are small, medium or large. It is very useful where healthy and safe conditions are to be regulated in accord with temperature and humidity such as skyscrapers, aquariums, onboard vessels, etc. You can also use both words as synonyms to each other either ‘ventilation’ or ‘ventilating’.


In fact, HVAC technology is nothing but a process in which air is replaced or exchanged in space. It is usually aimed at providing high-quality indoor air involving temperature controlling, moisture removal, the replenishment of oxygen, smoke, dust, bacteria born by air, odors and especially carbon dioxide. Among these three technologies, the one that removes unwanted smells and unnecessary moisture is ventilation technology. It also lets outside air come in and make interior temperature air circulating that is necessary for our health. Its best function is to prevent stagnation of the indoor air.

Air circulation and air exchange are extremely significant for the proper functioning of the lungs, and the attainment of the both is only possible by ventilation. So, in HVAC technology, ventilation is the most basic element if we observe its air circulation function inside the building. That is why; experts declare it as the most important factor to maintain the agreeable indoor quality of the air in the small, medium and large building whether they are domestic, official or industrial. So, have you observed how HVAC technology plays its role in different fields of life?

HVAC technology method can be divided into various mechanical and natural procedures. The functions of HVAC technology are intimated linked to each others. Especially, when seen in the provision of thermal comfort and acceptance of indoor air quality. HVAC technology systems provide us with ventilation, air filtration and the maintenance of pressure link between spaces. If we observe modern buildings, we find control systems of these three functions are integrated to single or more HVAC technology systems. As for the management staff is concerned, contractors estimate the capacity of the buildings and engineers choose HVAC technology system and required equipment. It was about the small building. For the large building, service designers, building services experts, and mechanical engineers perform these jobs.